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Stoneridge provides top-notch solutions in the industry along with excellent customer support. With our commitment to excellence, customers can trust us to deliver the best products and service

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Our mission

At Stoneridge, we are committed to more than just delivering high-quality transportation solutions. Our mission is to build strong and lasting customer relationships through intensive collaboration. By working closely with our importers and customers, we strive to understand their unique needs and challenges. Through this collaborative approach, we develop solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations.

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Our Customer Service Team

Stoneridge's Customer Service Team delivers exceptional service thanks to our expertise in product knowledge, industry insights, and extensive experience. This expertise allows us to provide accurate and timely solutions that meet our customers' needs. By actively listening to our customers and offering expert advice along with the latest technology, we ensure that our customers receive the most suitable solutions.

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Click the button below to access our support form and get the answers you're looking for. For training and technical support on the Stoneridge products, please contact your local official Stoneridge Distributor. 


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Stoneridge has over 5.000 importers, dealers and services centers all over Europe, all trained and qualified to service Stoneridge products. Our service network gives fleets direct support in the field. To locate a service center in your area, simply open our Service Center Locator tool and easily find the nearest service center in your area.

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Skillray Transport Services UK

10 Rufford Court

Hardwick Grange
United Kingdom
01925 880081


Dundee Technology Park

Unit A Gateway East, Gemini Cres
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1382 866 400


For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Service Team is always available to answer your questions and provide any additional details you need.

For training and technical support on the Stoneridge products, please contact your local official Stoneridge Distributor.