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SE5000 Configuration System

The SE5000 Configuration System has been designed to give the workshop more flexibility and independence at the same time as optimising their stock levels.

With the introduction of the latest SE5000 Stoneridge has created two generic variants of the Rev 7 tachograph - SE5011 KRM (24V ADR) and SE5002 KRM (12 and 24V NON ADR).

These tachographs can now be configured using the Configuration System to the parameters of many vehicle types, allowing workshops to meet any unexpected needs that arise.

As a result workshops are able to greatly reduce their stock holding at the same time as being able to automatically fit most vehicles that come into them.

Configuration system benefits:

  • Results in an optimisation of stock levels
  • Reduces risk of turning away customers because the correct variant isn’t in stock
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly menu structure
  • PC based software which runs on Windows XP and Windows 7
  • No internet connection required during system operation
  • If the system is installed on a laptop configuration can be performed in the cab, just before calibration

To upgrade an existing configuration system please contact Technical support on +44 1382 866 700.

Download the Configuration System User Manual for more information: 

If you have just bought a new configuration system, you will find the installation file here.

SE5000 Configuration System