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Rolling Roads

The 9500 rolling road series is easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

All wiring and sensors are integrated for maximum reliability and minimum downtime. The integrated measurement devices and 1m diameter rollers make it reliable, safe and consistently accurate.

We have developed the 9500 series to be compatible with all current analogue and digital tachographs.

  • Safe drive on/off pneumatic system.
  • Rigid wraparound frame.
  • Future proof - up to 15 tonnes per axle and up to 100 Km/h.
  • Compatible with all current analogue/digital tachographs.
  • Floor mounted console.
  • Encapsulated sensors.
  • Safety covers for all sets of rollers.
  • Nominal accuracy of 0.1% from 1000 pulses per rev (ppr) encoder.

Safety features include covers for both sets of rollers and vertical safety rollers which prevent lateral movement or vehicle drift.

Also, with our Wireless Rolling Road retrofit upgrade your Rolling Road can communicate wirelessly with the Optimo tachograph and programming tool, allowing calibrations to take place quickly and easily. The upgrade is simple and quick to install and you will be up and running wirelessly with your Rolling Road in no time at all. Call us now to arrange an upgrade on 01382 866 400.

Rolling Road