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Our People

We offer our employees a unique and diverse working environment, employing over 130 people from across Europe. We offer a wide range of career opportunities, from Engineering to Customer Support and everything in between.

We could tell you how great it is to work at Stoneridge, but the best way to find out about a career with Stoneridge is through the words of those who already work here. Read the testimonials below to find out what they have to say.



Name: David

Role: Technical Sales/Administration

Nationality: Swedish

Location: Bromma, Sweden


"There is a good level of support and communication within my department which makes it easier to deal with the challenges my job brings"
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Peter 2

Name: Peter

Role: Customer Support Manager

Nationality: Irish

Location: Dundee, Scotland


"I moved to take up my job at Stoneridge and would definitely recommend Dundee to anyone who likes the outdoors. There are plenty of parks and greenery throughout the city"
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Sara 2

Name: Sara

Role: Customer Support Engineer (Spain)

Nationality: Spanish

Location: Dundee, Scotland


"Stoneridge is a company which offers plenty of opportunity to its employees"
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Simone 2

Name: Simone

Role: Customer Support Administrator (Italy)

Nationality: Italian

Location: Dundee, Scotland


"I love that I get to speak to customers everyday but also that I have flexibility in the way I do my work"
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Yvo 2

Name: Yvo

Role: Customer Support Engineer (The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch

Location: Dundee, Scotland


"Stoneridge, unlike other big companies, made me feel valued and treated me like an individual from the offset. The conversations I had with the company prior to starting were focused around me and I really felt as if they had my best interests at heart"
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Name: Olivier

Role: Sales Director

Nationality: French

Location: Bayonne, France 


"My job means that I often work in close collaboration with people throughout Europe, analysing problems and implementing solutions as part of a team"
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Bea 2


 Name: Beatriz

Role: Customer Support Administrator

Nationality: Spanish

Location: Dundee, Scotland

"Working for Stoneridge means I am working with people from different parts of the world every day and it makes my job really interesting"
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